founder  jennifer yon



For over 10 years, my mission has been focused on assisting others in reaching their goals. As an educator, consultant and corporate manager to entrepreneurs the desire to empower my fellow sisters burns strong within me. After using  #SISTERHOODSUCCESS consistently for over two years,when recognizing success and determination in others, I felt it necessary to follow through with a platform that united women in all different walks of life. Join SisterHood Success as we  INSPIRE, SUPPORT, GROW & LEARN together! 




SisterHood Success started with a simple premise: Make available to every woman the resources and network she needs to live a healthy, active, and successful life, while educating woman on the importance of sisterhood. So often women can get caught up in their own mission where we forget to empower, relax and celebrate the success of our sisters. The mission of SisterHood Success is to encourage and empower women to be supportive to the success of her sister and realize celebrating her success does not hurt their own. Through social, community and educational events the spotlight is always on the empowerment of the members. Join a network who cares! #SISTERHOODSUCCESS